Thinking about using a daily deal coupon like Groupon? Read this first!

Ready To Run A Daily Deal?Lately, I have been talking with my clients and many prospects about the benefits and downsides to using a Daily Deal type of promotion. Sure, they can be a huge boon to an emerging concept, but there are some specific things you can do to make this type promotion super successful  for YOUR business.

I have compiled several blog posts and online articles that I think sum up the pros and cons quite well!

Please review them and let me know your thoughts!

10 Pros and Cons for Using Groupon Great summary article! 40%+ of businesses said they would not run a Groupon again.

Beware: 5 Ways Groupon Can Hurt Your Business

How To: Run an Online Daily Deal – (You do not have to join to read the blog post. Just click anywhere outside the box to make it go away.) Did you know there are over 90 websites for daily deals? One of these niche services may be right for you! What day of the week should you run your deal?

Have you heard of Yipit? Aggregator of Daily Deals nationwide. Not in all locations yet. Yipit says there are over 120 Daily Deal sites nationwide. I think the total number must be  growing each day!

The Ultimate Guide: How Media Companies Should Offer Daily Deals

Seven Daily Deal Sites – Detailed info on the top seven sites.

Many marketers advocate using alternative methods to market that are less costly and controllable.  Specifically, putting a special offer on your Facebook Fan Page will increase loyalty and bring in customers that may not have recently visited you. By placing an offer on Facebook, you will remind them that you are around and eager to please them.

Will you be doing a Daily Deal? Do you think it would work for your type of business? Are you prepared to handle the rush?

Contact me to learn more about how to effectively market on Facebook!

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