Ninja Job Search Trick Using LinkedIn

Here a ninja job hunting technique I used…with hugesuccess!

Most people who are on LinkedIn are open to connections even if they don’t directly know you.  I got several tremendous “in person” interviews by approaching someone I didn’t know after I located them on LinkedIn.

You do know that most jobs are found through “friend” referrals, right? This is how it happens!

I think you would agree that half the problem these days is getting in front of a real person! Here is what I did.

Step One: Don’t go after a job that is posted. 1800 other candidates have already sent their email resume, called, dropped by, etc.  One hiring manager I spoke with during my last employment search told me they recieved over 750 resumes in 3 hours. They were overwhelmed. Use my tip, and you’ll get in the front of the line! (I got a call from the company president 20 minutes after I sent my email and interviewed that afternoon!)

Step Two: Determine a company that you want to work for. I will leave that one up to you. They may not have your specific job listed as an opening, but that can work in your favor!  You do want to see that they are hiring in some positions though, as a sign of corporate health.

Step Three: Find some people on LinkedIn that work at that company. See if you can find any connections you may have in common – college alumni, community activities/service, anything!  If not, do not despair!

Step Four: Once I located someone that worked in my targeted company, I figured out how to email them. I decided an email was a non-intimidating way to approach someone – they can always delete it!  In the email message, I said that I had seen their profile on LinkedIn and was interested in their company and learning more about it.  Would they have a few minutes to chat on the phone?

I also know that many times companies have a “finder’s fee” referral bonus to reward current employees for suggesting potential new hires, and mention that too in the email.  I had one girl tell me that she’d get $15,000 if she found someone like that!

In Summary:

So, you’ll have to be a bit outgoing to reach out like that, but once you do….they are a goldmine of info about the company, the hiring manager, the office culture, you get the idea…. Offer to buy them a cup of coffee, or lunch, as a thank you (if you get the right vibes) and provide your resume.  See if they know other positions in the local area that might be a good fit.  You also could ask if they can think of any other types of jobs your background and experience would make you well suited for…you may be surprised and have a wonderful career change option.

Don’t forget to connect with them on LinkedIn, review their connections and wash, rinse, repeat!

If you have any success stories about using LinkedIn during your job search, I would love to hear them! Please leave a comment to share with others!

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