New To Social Media? Here are 4 easy tips to improve your results!

1. Self Promotion

Make sure you promote your profile addresses on everything possible!

  • Include your link on the first page of your website!
  • Include profile addresses in your email signature.
  • Make sure your profile addresses are on your business cards and any other print marketing materials you distribute.

2. Promote your Facebook Fan Page

To promote your Facebook Fan Page (business page) use your personal Facebook page to send out invitations to “Like” your page to new contacts on a regular basis.  This opens the communications channel between your business and the contacts that have Liked it.

3. Regular/Frequent Updates

Update your social media profiles on a regular basis – at least two times per week!  This keeps your business at the “top of mind.”  Make certain your status update is of value, otherwise you may be perceived as a spammy person!

When you update your content frequently, you give your connections a reason to come back to your profile. Direct them to your website, and provide additional valuable information, or let them sign up for a contest, view a video, or leave a comment on your blog.

4. Be Efficient

facebookRe-use content that was created for another purpose to provide content without having to re-create the wheel!  If you have pictures of an event, post them on Facebook and do a status update on the event. Blog about the event and include a link to the Facebook pictures.


Do you have a PowerPoint presentation from a previous event you could spiff up for online engagement? Use the SlideShare application in LinkedIn to show it off! Be sure to cross promote on Facebook, website, and your blog.  Another great tool to showcase your work online is Behance.  Use Behance to create a portfolio on LinkedIn that showcases your creative work including video, photography and more! 


If you took video, upload it to YouTube and post a status update on Facebook about the video and embed it on your page.

I would love to hear how you use social media in your business, so please leave comments below!


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