Facebook’s New Advertising Area and How It Can Help Your Business Explode Through Lead Generation!

Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook lead generation has gotten a great new advantage!  Facebook recently changed (again!) and now allows digital marketers to advertise in a new space they have never advertised in before!

The traditional location was on the far right side of the screen. Below is my personal Facebook screen.  See the area circled in red? This is the traditional area where Facebook allows you to advertise.

Facebook Lead Generation Right Side AdsNow, Facebook allows us to advertise in the Newsfeed area. See the same screen below?  The area circled in red is the Newsfeed. It is where all your friends status updates and photos will display.  Isn’t that where you WANT to look?  That is where your potential leads are looking too!

Facebook Lead Generation Newsfeed AreaYou can see the adertisement from Redbox that is smack dab in the middle of my friends posts.  Notice the Suggested Post circled in yellow. That is what indicates that it is a paid for advertisement.  Someone has used demographics to target me and have the ad displayed.

I have been generating Facebook leads with realtors in a few different geographic markets using this strategy and it is working like gangbusters! I am getting multiple leads per day in each city.  I laser targeted the audience to whom the ad is being displayed and am getting better and better results!

By advertising in the Newsfeed area, you will get much greater interaction and have a much higher click through rate.  To read more about how Newsfeed ads are getting almost 50 times the clicks that the right side ads are getting, click here.

If you are interested in learning how you can get leads from Facebook, contact me about a free trial!  I will be happy to give you a short online demo of now my system works and see if it is a great fit for your business!


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