Easy Ways To Create Content For Your Blog

Learn An Easy Way To Create Content Here is a tip on  how to easily create content for your blog that viewers want to see!

Including content that is valuable to your potential customers is critical to ranking higher in Google searches.  If the content is valuable to the viewer, then they will remain on your website for a longer period of time. This signals to Google that the content is important. Google’s algorithm for organic placement includes a component that looks at the time spent on a specific page.

Creative SEO Tip: Newsjacking

Newsjacking is a newer idea in SEO, but a natural extension of content marketing. While it sounds like a negative term, it is not. Newsjacking is a technique in which marketers ride existing demand associated with breaking news for exposure. In other words, smart marketers know there is extremely high demand for breaking news stories and use this to their advantage by contributing to the overall discussion.

What is newsjacking?

  • Paying attention to breaking news
  • Understanding the keywords being searched for in a particular news cycle
  • Producing high-quality, well-researched content that serves a specific demand for information
  • Syndicating content very quickly to be found when other news organizations search for sources.

Small businesses can’t newsjack any story, it has to be related to their space. But most businesses won’t have difficulty finding breaking news that somehow relates to their business.

For example, a high profile fire in a historic building could be used by a construction company to highlight the importance of local code and inspections. A bank robbery could be used by a home security company to discuss the merits of a reliable security system. In both cases, working in a natural sentence that highlights the company’s position will not be difficult.

Newsjacking is similar to content marketing in that the content comes first and the marketing second. Serve the reader’s desire for news, facts and opinion – but use that opportunity for a branded mention and a link (yes, it is still OK to get a link when you work for it). Finally, use social media for quick dissemination and viral spread. Recognize that unlike content marketing, newsjacking is fleeting and timing is critical.

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