Custom Mobile Application Design – How It Can Help Your Business

What can a custom mobile application do for your company? There are many uses for a custom mobile app:

  • A high tech version of a business card with an easy-to-use method of sharing contact information
  • As a visual catalog of products/services
  • Automatically updated with new images and video
  • Create a brand ambassador for your company by giving them the ability to easily share this information on their phone with others they meet

One Library At A Time, a non-profit organization, wanted to easily be able to share their organization’s mission and recent projects. We designed an easy-to-share visual based mobile application that works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

One Library At A Time creates children’s libraries in high poverty areas and developing nations.  Through the images included we captured the incredible wildness of the terrain, the joy and excitement of the children and adults involved in the process, and provide an easy way for potential donors to learn more about the program.

Each mobile application can be designed to include:

  • Password protection
  • Images – up to 30 images. A small thumbnail of the image is displayed on the main screen and when the user touches the image, the full image is displayed.  Traditional pinch and zoom technology is functional.
  • Music – on/off, auto-detects wireless connectivity
  • Video – we can create a short video for you to include
  • Easy access to the organization’s contact information: website, phone will auto-populate the phone number, and email will auto-populate the recipient email address.
  • Links to specified URLS that could include your organization’s Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube videos, or product ordering system.

The logo is a touch-activated link to the organization’s website. The contact information is repeated at the bottom of the screen.

Now, members and supporters of this organization can quickly show the app to potential donors when they meet them! Sharing the application is easy too – just email or text it to someone who is interested in seeing it.

Project Summary:

Our goal was two-fold:  to create an easy way to share our organization’s mission and to increase our number of donors.

 “This mobile app is so much better than a business card! It is a very personal way to easily share our organization and instantly available.  We are thrilled to have had 53 unique views in just a few days, without any promotion of this mobile app, and look forward to using social media to increase our number of followers. By engaging the potential donor, we begin a relationship that will lead to active donation. The visual content tells the story of who we are and why it is important.”   – Susan Aldrich, founder of One Library At A Time

Custom Mobile Application Main Screen

Custom Mobile Application Main Screen-includes logo with clickable link to website, phone with auto-populate, email with auto-populate, music on/off, and Share function.


Custom Mobile App lower main screen

Custom Mobile App lower main screen. Includes links to videos and contact information.



Mobile App Share Screen

The share screen allows the user to share via the most popular social media channels and via text or email.




Click here to download this application and try it yourself! Be sure to open this post on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device to start the automatic download.

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