About SBC

What is social media anyway, and why do I want to use it? How exactly can it help my business grow? If you are asking these questions, you are on the right path!

With millions of people on websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, social media sites are your greatest strategic asset to attract new customers and build brand awareness.  This equates to millions of online conversations taking place each day – about companies like yours!  Do you want to be part of the conversation?

Our goal is to be a “digital translator” helping businesses understand what the explosion of social media tools are, the best use of them to help grow your business, and design a strategy to increase your online presence using social media tools.

Many business owners are finding that it is difficult to communicate with their potential customers in an increasingly crowded and noisy marketplace  with the typical communication tools.  (Read more here.)

Just as having a website became standard routine, the need for a defined social media strategy is now critical.  Many businesses are turning to outside assistance to create a strategy and to maintain that strategy when it is created.

It is a process, not a project. You will continue to tweak and refine your stratgegy over time.

We would like to help. We offer introductory LinkedIn classes to help you understand the basics of personal social networking, and packages of services to assist you at a variety of  levels.